33 Weeks Pregnant Women Guide on the Possible Changes in the Body

33 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy is the most grateful life stage that a woman can achieve. That is the birth of a new life. So, the building the future generation is in the women’s hand. Actually, they have to bear the weight of their babies for about ten months. But, definitely, no any mother is thinking it as a burden. They start to love their babies at the time they got to know about their pregnancy. From that, they care about their womb more than their life. Hence, arriving at the last trimester of women’s pregnancy is a wonderful time period. In here, they can feel the movements of the baby. Thus, the coordination in between mother and the infant may increase further. But, the woman will have to face a range of symptoms that they never experienced before during 33 weeks pregnant period. Hence, you have to know these facts to be ready!

The difficulties women have to face during 33 weeks pregnant period

Once they reach 33 weeks, they only have another seven weeks to experience forty weeks of their pregnancy. So, most of the mothers are waiting to see the face of a little prince or princess. But, at the same time, they notice some of the unbearable difficulties as well.

The frequent back pains, swelled feet and ankles, sleeping difficulties and heartburns are the commonest complaints of mothers during this period. The changes in the centre of gravity and excessive body weight are the main causes behind these problems.

So, you have to attend the clinics regularly and find some simple ways to get rid of the pain without drugs. The chemically processed medications may adversely affect the fetus. Hence, it is better to ask for help from a physiotherapist regarding physical activities. And, meet a counsellor or psychiatrist to have some mind relaxation techniques. At the same time do not forget to modify your diet.

If you follow all these correctly, you can overcome those problems. At the same time, those are very much useful to manage the pain at delivery time. Hence, you may be able to ensure a healthy infant without birth defects.

Your baby during 33 weeks pregnant period

33 weeks pregnant

Usually, when you stepping to thirty-three weeks, your fetus is almost a mature baby. So, he or she will be ready to see the world within the next few weeks.

In accordance with physiological law, now it has a properly developed neural system and most of the organs are developed into perfect shape. At the same time, internal systems are getting ready to face for a new environment. Actually, now they are planning to see a different world. So, they cannot depend on the mother’s nutrients after the next couple of weeks. That is why they are growing in all the physiological systems.

As a result of this, the respiratory system also getting matured. So, your baby will be able to take his or her first breath at the time of birth. Further, since all these systems and organs are working exactly the same as to newborn, you may feel an increase in fatal movements. Sometimes, those movements are forcefully directing towards your tummy. So, it is a sign of your baby’s willingness to come early to see your face. Isn’t it?

How to cope up with 33 weeks pregnant period symptoms?

33 weeks pregnant

Even though your baby is ready a bit and you have come to a hard time period with physiological changes, you cannot stop there. So, you must go through another few weeks to deliver a healthy infant. That is why the experts are always recommending you to have a stress free life. Thus, you can visit to see the flowering trees, evening lake or listen to songs of birds. It will be an amazing mental therapy for you.

Further, the slow walking on a beach, swimming or activities under the swimming pool also has effects to relieve physical stresses.

Know when to call for your doctor

Even though you cope up well, there are certain emergencies that you must seek for medical help. Increase in heart rate and shortness of breaths along with vaginal contractions may be the early signs to meet a doctor as soon as possible.

The ending until start again…

The 33 weeks pregnant period is a considerable time period to ensure the baby’s health and safe delivery. But, there may be certain emergencies. So, people must have proper knowledge of the possible ways to cope up with these physical and mental changes. No doubt, this is one of the best writing to have some basic ideas about this. But, if you need further info, do not forget to check our updates. We are ready to meet you sooner with another awesome writing like this.


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