Does Natural Hair Dye are Permanent Solutions

natural hair dyes

A lengthy and wavy filled hair is the sign of beauty. So, we everyone wishing to have such beautiful long hair. But, we know the colour of hair is varying in accordance with the racial backgrounds as well as to regions. Actually, Asian women have dark black coloured hair while the Europeans usually have golden colour hair. However, since we are living in a modernist era, we can change anything of our external appearance as our wish. So, you may even select the preferred colour to decorate your whole hair or a small part other than the birth colour. This is very much popular with ageing. Even though we can manage everything, we know the physiological ageing is a natural phenomenon. Hence, you will need a solution to keep your hair healthier and well looking in your older ages. Thus, read this small content on natural hair dye for a healthy change.

Natural hair dye Vs hair colours

Actually, even though we use the name “natural”, it is really difficult to find a hundred present natural solutions for this. It means at least half of the ingredients included in one such a colouring solution is owing to chemical products. That is why we call it as a dye. But, if you can colour the hair through only by using nature-friendly extracts, it is called as a hair colour.

But, unfortunately, these are not permanent. So, you will have to use them at least once a week. Or even it can be daily. Hence, it is a bit troublesome case to use in older ages and they really need a permanent solution. If so they only have to use a dye once in three months or so. Actually, it eases off their burden on aged hair.

However, if you are a young girl who really cares about frequent colour changes, the natural extracts are the ideal solutions. So, we have selected three best such amazing mixtures to decorate the loving evenings in different looks.

3 best natural hair dye to colour your hair

natural hair dyes

Carrot juice

As we know carrot extracts are extremely same to orange colour. So, once you use it over the hair you can get an orange or reddish yellow colour look. This ideally works for a beach party with friends. Isn’t it?

At the same time, it is easy to prepare and apply. So, just take a medium-sized carrot and blend it well. It is better if you can take whole extracts without using water. Now, you may mix the pure carrot juice with hair oil such as coconut oil or olive.

Next; gently apply it all over the area you are expecting to have a colour change. Then cover it well by using clean polythene or plastics and keep it to rest for an hour. Finally, you can rinse off additional colours by using apple cider vinegar. Further, if you need a more strong look you will have to repeat the procedure for about a few days.



The effect of lemon on healthy hair is a popular fact. Precisely, this will offer a more permanent solution than with most of the other types of natural extracts. But, here you have to follow the correct way of applying. Most of the young ladies are failing to have real benefits of it due to poor application. Thus, we recommend using a spray bottle other than just pouring the juice into the hair.

It will offer more even application. After spraying it, you can comb the hair for a better spread. Actually, this will not offer a specific colour change as with carrots. But, it will definitely light up the hair. At the same time, it will fight with certain problems such and nits and dandruff. Hence, you will be able to have a brighter look and healthy hair structure.

Even though all those are correct, it is not easy to avail all these benefits without few repetitions.

Beetroot extracts

The benefits and usage of beetroots are extremely the same as to carrots. But, it will offer a dark red colour instead of orange.

Why it is always better to seek “natural”?

Since artificial products are rich in harmful chemicals, most of the people preferred to use natural products. But, this is not a real goal in almost all the life stages.

The outlook

If you are really willing to have healthy and long hair to enhance your beauty, the hair care products have the main job here. Even though there are a number of selections in the markets, nowadays most of the girls are wishing to use natural hair dye and colours. The minimal risk for the adverse effects may be the reason for this. We hope this piece of content will provide so many information regarding its possibilities and effects.


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